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The Centre is the training arm of the International Labour Organization.

It runs training, learning and capacity development services for governments, employers' organizations ,workers' organizations and other national and international partners in support of Decent Work and sustainable development.

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25 Aug/05 Sep 2014
Project management: investment projects
Language(s): RU
01 Sep/05 Dec 2014
G20 E-learning course on social protection (NEW)
Language(s): EN
08/19 Sep 2014
Academy on national tripartite social dialogue
Language(s): EN - AR - FR
08 Sep 2014/30 Sep 2015
Master in Occupational Safety and Health (BLENDED)
Language(s): EN

Just published!

The Centre has just published a text entitled “Las Comisiones Tripartitas para la Igualdad de Género en el Empleo en América Latina: evolución y lecciones aprendidas” (“The Tripartite Commissions on Gender Equality in Employment in Latin America: Evolution and Lessons Learned”).


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Kerry-Ann F. Ifill

Senator Kerry-Ann F. Ifill, first female President of the Senate of Barbados, is a former Turin Centre participant. Senator Ifill participated in the course “Labour market integration of people with disabilities” from 15 to 24 October 2007. more
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