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Gender, equality and diversity

Gender, equality and diversity
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ITCILO Gender Equality Memorial Fund

Achieving gender equality is a long and strenuous process. Commitment, knowledge and determination are needed to succeed in this global challenge. Those who believe in it should be prepared not to see its fulfillment within their lifetime, as for many other broad development goals. Their hard and demanding effort, however, will never be lost. Other resolute colleagues may take the relay and continue the good work.

This is what we like to think of dear friends and colleagues who are no longer with us and left us with a legacy that we wish to cherish and honour.

For six years now, the friends of Elena Gastaldo, a young and committed colleague who had placed gender equality very high among her passions and professional interests, have been commemorating her through an annual special fellowship offered to an indigenous woman to attend a training course at the International Training Centre of the ILO.

At the end of 2014, the international community lost a gender champion like Petra Ulshoefer, another dear friend and an outstanding strong activist in the promotion of women’s rights and a rigorous and brilliant international civil servant. Another memory to be preciously kept, another relay to be taken.

In the spirit of continuing our friends’ commitment and of remembering  them in a concrete and active way – something they would have both liked – the gender team of the Programme on ILS, Rights at Work and Gender Equality has created an:

ITCILO Gender Equality Memorial Fund

through which two special full fellowships shall be assigned to meritorious women for attending the forthcoming 2017 Gender Academy.

To inquire on how to contribute to the Fund or on how to apply for one of the special fellowships, please write to: genderacademy@itcilo.org

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