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Informal Economy
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All you need to know about R204

Why a Community of Practice?

Recent training activities organized by the ILO and the ITCILO on the transition from the informal to the formal economy have had a very positive impact on their target groups, in terms of both learning objectives and practical outcomes. The extensive use of interactive tools has been a determinant of this success.

Given the carrying capacity of web-based learning platforms, as well as their effectiveness in amplifying the effect of face to face activities and supporting knowledge and experience sharing among stakeholders in different countries, this Community of Practice could play a crucial role in developing an awareness-raising and advocacy campaign on R204.

In a nutshell

The CoP is freely accessible to everyone through the ITCILO E-campus platform. It provides a comprehensive, fully-articulated, user-friendly and interactive knowledge repository for supporting the follow-up strategy on R204 adopted by the ILO Governing Body in November 2015.

In particular, it features:

-          a downloadable Pocket Guide (in several languages) and a PowerPoint Presentation on R204 for constituents, officials and trainers;

-          a multimedia library comprising official resources on R204, research papers, case studies and policy briefs on the subject (all downloadable), useful links to the SDGs and other external resources,  a video archive of interviews with experts and a list of links to short reports on the topic;

-          interactive maps and a set of statistics, arranged by country, on informality and formalization strategies;

-          updated information about upcoming training and capacity-building activities;

-          a self-assessment and knowledge-check tool for constituents and officials: “How much do you know about R204?”;

-          an interactive forum for constituents and officials.

In addition

The CoP is a space where we welcome your participation and contributions:

-          You can write directly to our team,

-          or engage in discussion independently through the CoP Forum.

This is definitely the place to be if you are working on the informal economy and its formalization!


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