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International labour standards

International labour standards

ILS and Non-Standard Forsms of Employment

Today’s world of work features a wide and increasing variety of work relationships that diverge from the so-called ‘standard’ full-time, bilateral, permanent employment relationship. They include temporary employment; part-time and on-call work; temporary agency work and other multiparty employment relationships; as well as disguised employment and dependent self-employment. A range of international labour standards (ILS) helps to regulate and govern new evolving forms of employment relationships.

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Evolving forms of employment, including non-standard contractual arrangements, can be useful vehicles for entering the labour market or reconciling work, personal life, and family responsibilities. In such cases, workers are protected through legislation or collective bargaining. However, in other cases, workers may not be covered by labour laws and social protection, or may receive less protection since labour laws and social protection systems have traditionally been built around the ‘standard’ employment relationship. Similarly, enterprises may benefit from a greater flexibility or may face underappreciated consequences, in the long run leading to underinvestment, poor economic performance, increased volatility in labour markets or risks to the sustainability of social security systems. Regulation through national legislation, collective bargaining, and comprehensive social protection systems is key to ensuring that all work, including evolving forms of employment relations, is decent work in the interest of both workers and enterprises.

The Centre provides training to assist ILO constituents and other ILO stakeholders to examine legislative measures and regulatory gaps with respect to ‘non-standard’ employment in line with relevant international labour standards. 



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