Areas of Expertise

International labour standards

International labour standards

ILS Implementation and Reporting

We design and implement country-based capacity building strategies aiming at strengthening the capacity of ILO member States to effectively address international labour standards (ILS) implementation gaps identified by the ILO supervisory bodies and to comply with the reporting obligations on ratified Conventions under the ILO Constitution.

How is a national strategy structured?

  • Country normative profile on the basis of ILO databases.
  • Legislative and practice gap analysis enabling tripartite constituents to plan relevant actions and identify technical assistance needs for full implementation. 5
  • Country action plan guided by the information resources and guidance provided by the ILO supervisory bodies to target implementation gaps.

Who can be targeted?

  • Officials of relevant governmental institutions working on labour standards.
  • Representatives of employers’ and workers’ organizations and National Tripartite Committees.
  • Parliamentarians, particularly those on committees dealing with labour and social issues.
  • Judges and lawyers.
  • Company managers, representatives of private and public sector entities.
  • Journalists and media professionals.
  • Representatives of NGOs working on social rights.
  • Private employment agencies.
  • Gender and HR specialists.

What approach is used?

  • Training of local trainers providing them a set of practices, tools and learning modules in accordance with national and institutional needs. This process is backed by attendance of high-level international activities, exposing trainers to international good practices.
  • Training for selected national actors supported by local trainers and international experts.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the implemented actions carried out through knowledge acquisition assessments tool and the work of the ILO supervisory bodies.


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