Building suitable and sustainable apprenticeship systems at the ITCILO

Forty-four participants from 15 countries took part in a training activity on “Promoting quality apprenticeships in enterprises”, held on campus from 6 to 10 May 2019.

Apprenticeships are a key aspect of skills development policies and programmes. This activity, organized by the Centre in collaboration with the Skills and Employability Branch of the ILO’s Employment Policy Department and the European Training Foundation, was an opportunity to learn about and discuss the development of apprenticeship programmes worldwide.


The week was very fruitful thanks to the high level of contributions from ILO, ITCILO and EFT experts, as well as extensive peer learning among participants from countries whose apprenticeship systems are at different stages of development.


The participants were also exposed to the Italian system, visiting an apprenticeship programme run by the CNOS-FAP Bra Vocational Training Centre and two local industrial companies (AROL and GAI). These visits were funded by the Piedmont Region.


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