Innovation Fund - Application of behavioural change frameworks to Gender Inequalities and Employment Policies

One of the Innovation Fund projects approved for 2016 concerns Gender Inequalities and Employment Policies.

The Centre recognizes the value of current approaches to behavioural change to promote gender equality in the workplace.  The Innovation Fund is now providing an opportunity to embark – together with the company Experientia – on an exploration of how a human-centred, design-focused approach can be applied to gender-sensitive employment policy design.

The project plans to conduct a benchmark study of current approaches to behavioural change and gender equality in the world of work.  Gender and employment specialists from various regions will be consulted and involved in the process: typically based on ethnography and anthropology, contextual research will provide guidance on how these tools can be best applied in relevant contexts.

The project will create a tool to guide staff and stakeholders on the approach and how they can use it in their national and local contexts where behavioural challenges arise.



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