New topics explored in the regional training on international labour standards for Latin American law practitioners

The contribution of international labour standards (ILS) adopted by the International Labour Organization and covering all work-related matters is not limited to their impact on labour legislation. Indeed, ILS can also contribute to strengthening domestic case law on labour matters.

As the ITCILO compendium of court decisions shows, domestic courts and tribunals are increasingly drawing on ILS and the work of the ILO’s supervisory bodies to interpret and complement their domestic law.

Since 1999, the ITCILO has been offering advanced training to judges, lawyers, legal advisors to employers’ and workers’ organizations and university law teachers to enable them to make full use of the sources of international labour law in their daily practice.

The most recent training course took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 8 to 12 July 2019. It brought together 33 judges who deal with labour litigation (including judges from Supreme and Constitutional Courts), labour lawyers, legal experts and law professors from all over Latin America. The course programme was enriched with two topics of key interest for the region: “ILS on indigenous and tribal peoples and their judicial use” and “National tripartite mechanisms for the prevention and settlement of disputes relating to ILS”.

The training was delivered in conjunction with the ILO Country Office for Argentina, several other field offices, the International Labour Standards Department, the Gender, Equality and Diversity Branch and the South-South and Triangular Cooperation Unit.

Participants, working remotely, are currently finalizing their action plans for the judicial use of international labour law and the dissemination of knowledge of the topic.

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