The Compass toolkit uses a navigational instrument as a metaphor to guide you through a repository of 60 participatory learning, training and knowledge sharing methodologies. The 60 instructional files are designed to be as practical as possible. Therefore we illustrated each methodology with a case study of its application at the Turin Centre.

The Compass toolkit can be accessed here.

The Mobile Learning Toolkit

‘Mobile’ in the ‘Mobile Learning Toolkit’ goes beyond the use of ‘mobile’ phones, and explores fundamentally how we can make learning accessible ‘anytime’ and ‘anywhere’ beyond the physical borders of a training room. The toolkit will be updated annually with new stories as the mobile learning story is evolving and one we started just a few years ago.

Feel free to explore the Mobile Learning Toolkit!


Mobile Engagement with Members – A toolkit for BMOs

The ITCILO’s Programme for Employers’ Activities has adapted the Mobile Learning Toolkit to help executives, directors and managers of Business Member Organizations (BMOs) make use of mobile technologies to engage more effectively with their members: Mobile Engagement with Members – A toolkit for BMOs is available here.

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