Future of Work

Future of Work

What is the Supporting Initiative on the Future of Work?

This initiative aims to ignite innovate dialogues, training, capacity building support and knowledge management connected to the Future of Work. This virtual space serves as an aggregated entry point of projects, ideas and reflections related to the Future of Work support initiative at ITC-ILO.

It is based on four mutually reinforcing pillars that strengthen the capacity building component of the Future of Work initiative:

Pillars of the Future of Work iniative

1. Dialogue events which support conversations that are connected with the thematic priorities of the Future of Work initiative;

2. Training events organised in Turin, Geneva or the field;

3. Knowledge Management which integrates all resources that are actively used in dialogues, training and capacity building events;

4. Innovation Fund which supports innovative learning modalities which stimulate experimental learning on the Future of Work.

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