Donors and partners

The Centre's main financial support comes from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Italian Government. It works in close cooperation with the ILO in Geneva and on the five continents, as well as with a number of Italian governmental, educational and trade-union institutions and NGOs.


ILO in Geneva and on the five continents



A variety of financial arrangements are possible. Customized programmes may be paid for directly by the recipient institutions, who draw either on their own budgets or on the support of donor agencies. In other cases, the Centre assists with potential donors. The Centre also wins projects through competitive tendering.

The Centre also receives financial and technical support from United Nations programmes and specialized agencies, the World Bank, the European Union , regional development banks, bilateral donors, local governments and non state actors.

The Centre maintains a large network of partner institutions. In a number of countries, it works closely with professional organizations, training institutions belonging to ministries of labour and social affairs, and other specialist training bodies. It also works with partner organizations that have a similar vocation to the Centre's. The purpose of these partnerships is to ensure that the training meets the needs of the participants. In the process, the partner institutions enhance their own skills.

To extend its outreach for capacity development, the Centre is actively engaged in a number of professional networks.

The Centre is first and foremost a provider of services. It is not a donor agency. In many cases, it works with funds from donors and sponsors, though other financial arrangements are also possible. For example, client organizations may pay directly for tailor-made training. In such cases, they draw either on their own budgets or on the support of donor agencies.

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