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We also organize workshops, seminars, expert meetings, other special events and individual placements, upon request.



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Activities held in-country in 2009 -> 2018


To maximize cost-effectiveness, training is intensive. Standard courses last from one to five weeks. We decide the length of tailor-made courses in consultation with sponsors and beneficiaries.


Whenever possible, we hold training sessions in the language of participants, using mother-tongue resource persons or interpreters.



The Centre's main methodological reference is summarised in the Turin Learning Approach and is based on the principles of relevance, quality and impact.

We take a learner-centred approach, and use the most appropriate and practical techniques for each case. Course participants learn from each other as well as from tutors and from the many resources available through the Learning Resources and Information Service. Theory combines with practice, and study visits to institutions and enterprises within Italy and abroad are a regular feature.

Systematic evaluation of the Centre's training activities is an essential component of our approach.


Course Participants

Our course participants generally hold managerial or executive positions in:

      • government ministries, departments and agencies
      • workers' organizations
      • employers' organizations
      • business associations
      • private or state-owned enterprises
      • training institutions and universities
      • legislative or judicial bodies
      • non-governmental organizations
      • the United Nations system
      • other international organizations.


It is very important that they be in a position to pass on what they learn from the Centre.


Our 200 international staff include some 60 training and sector specialists. We also draw on a worldwide network of resource persons and consultants.


The Centre is a non-profit organization. It is not a funding agency and therefore cannot award grants. Its core subsidies come from the ILO and the Italian Government, whereas its training programmes are eligible for funding by bilateral donors, multilateral agencies, development banks and commissions, foundations, recipient governments and other institutions.

International Training Centre of the ILO

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