General Service

The work carried out by General Service staff facilitates the Centre’s activities by providing administrative, secretarial, and operational support, as well as specialized technical assistance.

Within the General Service staff category, there are seven different grades, from G.1 to G.7, which reflect increasing levels of skills and responsibilities.

The minimum requirements for positions in the General Service category are:

  • Secondary education diploma or equivalent;
  • A number of years of work experience relevant to the job. This is specified in the vacancy announcement and varies according to the level of the position;
  • Excellent knowledge of one of the official languages of the Centre and good knowledge of a second official or working language;
  • Core competencies skills:  adaptability, client service, collaboration, communication, initiative, integrity, knowledge management, sensitivity to diversity;
  • Additional level competencies attached to the grade of the position will be specified in the vacancy announcement.

For General Service positions, the Centre may offer contracts only to persons who have valid residency status in Italy.

General Service staff positions are advertised through online vacant posts and filled through a competitive recruitment process



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