Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Customer Relations Management for Employers and Business Member Organizations



Since 2013, the Programme for Employers Activities of the ITC ILO has invested in the development of a CRM software to facilitate membership data management, specially designed to meet the needs of national and sectoral employers' and business member organizations (EBMOs).

The aim of the project is to support voluntary EBMOs to be more professional in the way they manage their membership data, their services’ offer, their reporting to governance bodies and their financial management, notably when it comes to subscription fees. Once installed, the CRM offers  concrete added value to EBMOs. While a membership database is an essential tool for EBMOs in their daily management, few organizations have the financial and technical resources to develop one matching their requirements. The software developped by the ITCILO is a ready-made solution which can be further customized locally.

In addition to the tool itself, the ITCILO project offers EBMOs to train their staff on how to use the tool, the installation of the software, certain customization as well as a helpdesk after the installation. This very complete package of services is highly appreciated amon our partner EBMOs around the world.

To date, 60 APEX Employers' and Business Member Organizations from all continents have benefited from the ITCILO CRM project and are using it in their daily operations. In some countries, the national EBMOs have decided to transfer their acquired knowledge and expertise with the system to their sector associations in a cascading effect benefitting a wider business community.

The software is available in English, Spanish and French.

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For more information on the project and to know how your Employers' and Business Member Organization can participate, please contact us at actempturin@itcilo.org 


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