Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Master training on the Effective Business Member Organization

What's in it for me?

Business Member Organizations (BMOs) have never had a more important role to play, not only in representing and supporting their members but also in working with national Governments to promote employment and competitiveness in difficult economic times.

As a result, honing the skills, knowledge and leadership qualities of those working within business organizations is a major priority.

The Master Training takes a 360° view on the effectiveness of BMOs. It will deliver practical benefits and take-aways to those taking part.

The Training:

  • enhances specific skills and competencies that can drive your organization forward and boost your own career and personal development;
  • includes practical tips and quick gains that can make a difference tomorrow;
  • provides an opportunity to learn from your peers and from the innovations and best practice developed in business organizations across the world;
  • provides practical tools for influencing the agenda and ensuring that the voice of business resonates in a hostile environment;
  • takes stock of current social dialogue dynamics: how can business organizations make a step-change in their advocacy work?
  • helps you to discover new channels and techniques to deliver world-class internal and external communications;
  • encourages innovation in the services offered to members;
  • focuses on building sound foundations for the future through strong management and effective governance.


The Master Training has been successfully held every year since 2013. 

The Master Training consists of:

  • 40 hours of Distance Learning (starting date: 26 Feb. 2018)
  • 5-day residential Training Workshop in Turin, Italy (7-11 May 2018)



Who should attend?

The Master Training  targets professional staff of Business Member Organizations worldwide. More specifically, it is geared to the needs of professional staff who have taken on new responsibilities in their BMOs and wish to update and expand their knowledge and competences in BMOs’ key areas of work.

The total number of participants in the training programme is limited to 30. All activities will be conducted entirely in English.

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