Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Training Offer

We publish every year a document, giving details on our training offer.

Our  Training Activities have a double objective:

  • Strengthen the functioning of the employers’ organizations and

  • Strengthen their capacity to influence the business and political environment.

We also provide training geared towards companies, especially multinational companies (MNCs), to build capacity in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in particular with regards to its labour dimension.

Our training activities are structured around 4 building blocks.

Block 1 – Strengthening Employers’ Organizations’ management capacities

Training activities aiming at improving the internal functioning of Employers’ Organizations, in order to make them more representative and more efficient as organizations and in their membership relations.

Block 2 - Improving Employers' Organizations Service offer and delivery

Training activities aiming at expanding or professionalizing the Employers’ Organizations service portfolio and increase hence the practical relevance of Eos for members ( as well as increase the revenue basis of Eos via a paid services offer).

Block 3 - Enhancing Employers’ Organizations’ policy influence

Thematic training activities aiming at increasing Employers’ Organizations expertise and impact on the country’s business and political environment and socio-economic policies, via effective advocacy and or social dialogue policies and interventions.

Block 4- Strengthening companies’ capacity on the labour dimension of CSR

Training activities aiming at knowledge sharing on international industrial relations (International Framework Agreements; global campaigns) and CSR, including increased understanding for companies of the International Labour Standards.


You can find more details on what we did in 2016 and what we will do it 2017 in the document below (click on the image to open it):


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