Leisure activities

Our Participants Services section publishes a weekly bulletin that lists the many social and cultural events it holds.

Every weekend, you can join an excursion to a major tourist destination like Venice, Florence, Pisa or Monte Carlo, as well as a shorter trip to places like the Italian lakes, Milan or Portofino.

Almost every week there is a sightseeing tour of Turin, a museum visit and a shopping expedition.

Musical entertainment makes the coffee lounge a popular place to meet and relax in the evenings.

Although all study/bedrooms have cable television, the TV lounge fills up when major sports events are on.

We have facilities and equipment for you to play football, tennis and table tennis.

You can keep fit for work or sport in the campus gym. An instructor runs a group session three evenings a week, and you are always welcome to use the exercise equipment.

The City of Turin has created two websites (in 5 languages) to provide tourist information and news of forthcoming events: www.inpiemonteintorino.it and www.turismotorino.org. Full information about places of worship is on hand.

On behalf of the Regional Council of Piemonte, the "Piemonte Agency" has designed and set up a website entitled piemonteforyou.it.

Piemonteforyou.it is addressed to participants in ITCILO training activities. It aims to acquaint people with the region and keep them in touch with it. It is a ready reference, with an overview of Piemonte’s history, economy and culture, together with details of public services and the main tourist attractions in the region.

It includes a Directory section (with contact details of Piemonte’s  main institutions, public bodies, agencies, libraries, universities, research centres, clinics, hospitals, etc.), a News section, a Highlights section on Piedmontese industry, and a section on arts, culture, leisure and tourism.

The website is constantly updated to provide ITCILO trainees with up-to-date, reliable and useful information on Piemonte.

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