Arab States

Arab States
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The current protests, unrest and uprisings in the Arab world are the expression of a movement for freedom, social justice, social change and political reform to better the lives of people, particularly young people. The ILO will develop strategies to assist its constituents to meet the most urgent individual and collective challenges. These include:

  • reducing youth unemployment;
  • reinforcing democratic governance and social change, including freedom of association and collective bargaining;
  • enhancing social justice, and establishing a universal “social protection floor” that is financially sustainable;
  • empowering trade unions and civil society;
  • promoting social dialogue structures and institutions that can exercise checks and balances, and thus enforce fair and participatory governance.

The International Training Centre of the ILO is well placed to contribute to the ILO’s response to such challenges through a wide range of institutional development, capacity building and training initiatives targeting the Middle East and North Africa, adapted to the specific features of each sub-region.

In the coming years, the Centre will focus on regional, sub-regional and country programmes to:

  • support decent employment, sustainable enterprises and recovery;
  • build adequate social protection systems;
  • strengthen international labour standards;
  • enhance social dialogue and tripartism;
  • promote gender equality.

It will do so through joint programming and alignment with the ILO regional structures and its partnerships with regional and national institutions.

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