Training of Trainers in Procurement Auditing

At the request of the World Bank, the Sustainable Development and Governance Programme ran a training-of-trainers workshop in Arabic in Amman from 17 to 21 April 2011 for 15 senior staff members of the Board of Supreme Audit of Iraq (BSA).

Country: IRAQ

Region: Arab States

The aim was to enhance the technical and training skills of 15 potential procurement-audit trainers of the BSA by examining best practice in the full spectrum of procurement audit functions, namely:

  • assessment of risk at each step of the procurement process;
  • contract management;
  • setting audit objectives and developing an audit plan;
  • selecting a sample of representative contracts or procurement operations;
  • audit execution: compliance with legal requirements, assessment of “value for money”;
  • audit observations and findings, and discussion with the audited body and the senior management of the BSA;
  • audit report and follow-up;
  • training methodology;
  • micro-teaching sessions: pilot training sessions prepared and run by each participant, with feedback and assessment by colleagues and resource persons.

The workshop was rated highly by all participants and by the World Bank’s representatives.

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