Asia and the Pacific

Asia and the Pacific
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The International Training Centre of the ILO contributes to the work of the ILO in Asia and the Pacific, the most populated region in the world and one of the most diverse – ethnically, culturally, economically and in terms of religion.

The region faces continuous challenges that are seriously testing its social and economic structure: natural disasters, economic crises and conflicts are exacerbated by shifts in the international economic environment and by globalization.

The ILO works in the region to increase productive and decent employment opportunities, to provide adequate social protection and to respond to crises. Its work also covers issues such as human trafficking, bonded labour, child labour, the growth of the informal economy, labour migration, poverty alleviation, safety, health, skills, employability and youth employment.

Institutional development, capacity building and training cut across all those areas, and this is where the ITC-ILO contributes, in conjunction with the ILO Offices, towards meeting regional priorities and implementing Decent Work Country Programmes.

A range of training initiatives are taken in partnership with regional and national institutions, such as ASEAN (regional courses), Nanjing University (SMEs and microfinance in China), the V. V. Giri National Labour Institute of India, the Institute of Rural Management (NRSP-IRM) of Pakistan and the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency.

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