Making microfinance work: managing for improved performance

In order to assist the Government of Uzbekistan in developing the microfinance sector, UNDP Uzbekistan, in cooperation with the Central Bank, launched a project entitled “Support to microfinance development in Uzbekistan”.


Region: Europe and Central Asia

The ITC-ILO’s contribution focused on providing technical assistance to strengthen capacity in a sector in which the data indicate that microfinance institutions (MFIs) have weak knowledge of good practice in microfinance, and that this has hindered their growth and outreach. Accordingly, it is considered essential to widen opportunities for the MFIs and their networks to get high-quality training.

The ITC-ILO provided a three-phase certification process for representatives of microfinance institutions in Uzbekistan.

Learning objectives

  • To broaden understanding of what contributes to successful MFI performance.
  • To supply a portfolio of tools with which managers can boost the performance of their unit, branch or institution.
  • To stimulate the sharing of experience and strategies for meeting current challenges.
  • To give managers exposure to microfinance experience from other parts of the world and to inspire innovative thinking about what might be possible in the local environment.
  • To build the capacity of local trainers and certify successful potential trainers to run MMW courses on behalf of the ITC-ILO.

Partner: United Nations Development Programme, Uzbekistan  

Target group: Practitioners and managers of microfinance institutions; policy-makers from the Central Bank, credit unions and UNDP staff.

Results: Between June 2010 and February 2011, the ITC-ILO and the UNDP certified four trainers from Uzbekistan to run “Making Microfinance Work” courses. They will run the course in Russian in the region every year. The UNDP also used the course to strengthen public-sector and policy-maker capacity concerning microfinance.

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