Actividades para los empleadores

Actividades para los empleadores

Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health

Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health

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What is the EOSH package?

The EOSH package covers the essential aspects of Occupational Safety and Health and can be used to meet workers’, supervisors’ and line-managers’ training needs. It consists of 27 training modules which cover the essential notions of Occupational Safety and Health, under two main headings:

  1. General concepts
  2. Specific risks


Each module, whose duration is approximately 1.5-2 hours, is composed by:  films, animations, PowerPoint presentations, self-assessment quizzes, checklist for daily use, ILO and other agencies documentation.

The 27 modules:

  • Introduction to safety and health at work
  • Management of prevention
  • Risks assessment
  • Accidents Prevention and Reporting
  • Motivating Workers: Leadership and supervision
  • Work permits
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Safety and health signalization
  • Emergency responses
  • Internal emergency plan
  • Ergonomics
  • Hazardous substances
  • Special works
  • Health and safety committees
  • Fire and explosion 
  • Confined spaces
  • Tools, machines and appliance
  • Hoist, lift and bear
  • Trip, slip and fall
  • Work at height
  • Electricity
  • Radiation
  • Asbestos
  • Noise and vibrations
  • Drugs and alcohol awareness
  • Harassment and violence at work
  • Muscle skeletal disorders


The originality of the EOSH package consists in its flexible and multi-tool approach allowing, first, choice of the most appropriate learning path, depending on the training needs and activity sector of each group of trainees; and second, the possibility of using it to train not only workers but also supervisors and line-managers for whom there exists only very scarce availability of educational products on the market.

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For whom is EOSH?

The EOSH package is designed to be easily used by Employers’ Organizations for setting up new training services on the Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health for their member companies. In the same way it can be easily used by Companies aiming to introduce, or upgrade an existing, internal OSH training system.

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 Employers’ Organizations

The Programme for Employers’ Activities offers a complete step-by-step service to support Employers’ Organizations in setting up new training services on OSH using the EOSH package. The training and advisory service includes:

-       Participation of future local trainers to a 4-day Train the Trainers Activity to get acquainted with EOSH methodology

-       Support in the elaboration of the business plan for EOSH delivery

-       Assistance in the marketing efforts of the first editions of the course

-       Access to a community of practices to know how other EOs are doing to organize courses, market and run them.


The EOSH package can be of interest for

-       Coordinator of training on OSH who could participate to Train the Trainers Activity to then replicate face-to-face trainings to supervisors and workers  in different company-plants.

-       Directly to Supervisors and line managers who could have access to the material via DVD or online. For more info click here

-       Directly to workers who could have access to the material via DVD or online. For more info click here

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The package is available in English, French, Russian, Bengali, Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish, Chinese, Urdu.


For More Information on access and costs

For more information and concerning the EOSH Package please contact ACT/EMP Turin at

In addition, feel free to join the EOSH Package Facebook Group that you can find by clicking on the following link:


More than 20 Employers’ Organizations around the world are offering training services using the EOSH package. Be the next one!



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