Attività per i datori di lavoro

Attività per i datori di lavoro

A MOOC, what for?

How can you become more efficient as a Board member? The recipe for success is: Get exposed to information on how Business Member Organizations’ Boards function; Listen to your peers; Evaluate the performance of your Board against world benchmarks and take the lead for future improvements! This MOOC is THE opportunity to improve practice together by stepping back, having a good look at how the Board is working and by listening to the advice of peers.

When Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are contrasted with traditional residential courses, comparisons are often based on their components (video vs. live lectures, online forums vs. classroom discussion, multiple-choice tests vs. graded papers, etc.).

While such comparative analyses are worthwhile, they miss an important element of learning success and motivation.

For example, Board members engage themselves in Business Member Organizations because they want to serve: their business community, society and their country. Moreover, they learn the business of being a Board member “on the job”, on top of their other commitments and, in many cases, without specific preparation.

This means that Board members will learn best from their peers & when given the opportunity to share their own experience.

And this is why the MOOC developed by the Training Centre of the ILO offers a platform to do just that!


This is the first and only MOOC for Board Members of Business Member Organizations (discover more here). The five-week online course offers inputs, practical tips and plenty opportunities to exchange with peers in order to boost your efficiency as Board Member of a Business Member Organization. It is open to all and free.


Sign up today and Engage!! – the MOOC starts on 24 April 2017!

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