Attività per i datori di lavoro

Attività per i datori di lavoro

Employers Organizations working with & for Women Entrepreneurs

The Stock-taking Conference of the project "Employers’ Organizations and Women Entrepreneurs: How to reach out?” was organized last week in Turin.

Since 2011, the ITCILO Programme for Employers’ Activities and DECP have developed a project called “Employers’ Organizations and Women Entrepreneurs: How to reach out?” which aims at identifying mutual benefits for Eos and women entrepreneurs to work together and ways to do so effectively.


After a first expert workshop and five regional seminars, the ITCILO organized a Stock-taking Conference in Turin, Italy, from 26 to 28 November.


29 business representatives from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe joined in, together with high level experts from the ILO, the World Bank, CIPE, Deloitte, UEAPME and the IOE.


The Conference had four main objectives:

  • INFORMATION - Be informed on the progress regarding women entrepreneurs’ economic participation worldwide
  • INSPIRATION - Be inspired by projects piloted by other institutions working with business organizations and women entrepreneurs
  • STOCKTAKING - Take-stock of the results achieved so far by Employers Organizations in organizing women entrepreneurs, voicing their interests and servicing them – a Knowledge Fair was organised for that purpose
  • GUIDANCE - Jointly develop concrete guidance tools on a selected number of topics (governance and membership; lobbying and advocacy; services provision) in order to help EOs and Women Business Associations in the future


During the workshop, participants notably worked on developing guidance notes, videos messages and infographics on critical topics for women entrepreneurs’ advancement such as

  • the participation of women in EOs’ Governing Boards
  • women entrepreneurs access to finance and
  • the need for Eos to invest more in women entrepreneurs training


These resources will be shared on the web once finalised.


“It was truly an amazing and inspiring program where I was able to learn and share some very interesting thoughts and ideas! I am sure I will be able to use a lot of the information both at organizational as well as personal level.”

Sabrina Islam, Vice-President, Bangladesh Employers’ Federation (BEF)



For further information, please contact Jeanne Schmitt

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