Attività per i datori di lavoro

Attività per i datori di lavoro

Employers’ Young Professional Academy – Good Bye for 2015

For the third time this year 34 young professionals from 22 Employers’ Organizations met in Turin from the 7th to 9th September 2015. This was the third and final training programme of the Employers Young Professionals Academy (EYPA) – a workshop managed by the Programme for Employers’ Activities of the ITC ILO in partnership with BUSINESSEUROPE and benefiting from EU funding.

“Inspiring, useful information and a great network” (Agata Staniewska - Lewiatan, Poland)

After the workshops “Being the voice of business” and “Advocating for growth” organized in April and June 2015, participants enjoyed this third workshop entitled “Engaging as social partners” as a further opportunity to share experiences and insights in a dynamic, creative and relaxed atmosphere.

“It has really been a very enlightening, interesting and inspiring event on all levels. I have learnt so much, had so much fun and met so many fantastic people.” (Wanda Ahlenius - Almega, Sweden)

All sessions highlighted the different industrial relations systems existing in Europe and the transformation processes they currently go through. The participants received first hand information by actors involved in Social Dialogue on national as well as European level. In addition to that, the young professionals gained insight in the companies’ perspective with regard to employee relations . During the simulation of European Social Dialogue the participants could improve and test their negotiation skills by representing different European Employers’ Organizations and Trade Unions.

“It is really the best place to create ties between European countries” (Grégoire Guinand - MEDEF, France)

During all three training programmes of the 2015 Employers Young Professionals’ Academy the participants shared their experience, deepened their knowledge on a variety of topics and built a lasting network.

“Shared in one academy you have a great mix of content, action, evaluation, relaxation, international comparison, action, engagement and Italian culture” (David de Nood - VNO NCW, Netherlands)


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