Attività per i datori di lavoro

Attività per i datori di lavoro

English and French CRM Master Users Training in Turin

What are the benefits for my Employers’ Organisation using the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software? How can we integrate the tool in our current operations? Can I adapt the tool to my EOs needs? What do we have to do as a CRM focal point in our organisation? – these and many other questions were answered during the Master User Workshop in Turin from the 25th to the 29th of May 2015.

A new round for implementing the CRM software in 13 EOs has been launched with the Master User training in Turin.

From each Employers’ Organisation an IT-Specialist and the membership manager were trained in this four-day workshop to become focal points within their organisation. The workshop has been presented in English and French by the Programme for Employers’ Activities of the ITC ILO to the overall 29 participants from EOs of Barbados, Belize, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea Bissau, Jordan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Montenegro and Uzbekistan.

In a step by step approach the use of each database section has been explained in a very comprehensive way and participants had the possibility in various exercises to discover the tool and already decide on how to personalize the software according to their respective needs. Technical requirements and information about security have been provided as well as the handling of administrational topics. The participants became quickly involved with the tool and took an active part in the training by asking questions to the experts from ITC ILO and the French company SYNOLIA, who were supporting the workshop.

For the first time, the English and French Master User training has been held simultaneously in Turin. Both groups have been trained in their respective languages but used numerous opportunities to get in touch with each other and share their experience.

At the end of the workshop the trained participants received information on the planned activities for the coming months as well as their tasks and duties in order to facilitate the local installations in their EOs in the coming months.

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