Attività per i datori di lavoro

Attività per i datori di lavoro

Get On Board!!

You’re a Board member of a Business Member Organization? Act like it! Make sure you add value to the strategic decisions of the organization on how to balance widest representation and internal efficiency. This MOOC is THE opportunity to improve practice together by stepping back, having a good look at how your Board is working and by listening to the advice of experts and peers.

Did you know that up to 43 percent of US based Associations have boards of 21 or more members? This is what Association Adviser’s poll results tell us.

  • Do you find these results surprising in the current “do-less-with-more” era?
  • What is the situation in your own Business Member Organization? How many are you in the Board room? How do you share responsibilities?
  • How to you ensure that the Board composition is representative of membership and at the same time remains of a manageable size?

Share your experience and learn from other Business Member Organizations today

by registering to the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) offered by the Training Centre of the ILO, starting 24 April!

This is the first and only MOOC for Board Members of Business Member Organizations (discover more here). The five-week online course offers inputs, practical tips and plenty opportunities to exchange with peers in order to boost your efficiency as Board Member of a Business Member Organization. It is open to all and free.


Sign up today and Get on Board!! – the MOOC starts on 24 April 2017!

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