Attività per i datori di lavoro

Attività per i datori di lavoro

Interview with Linda Kromjong

Linda Kromjong new Secretary-General of the IOE (International Organisation of Employers) was in Turin on 6 July. The Programme for Employers Activities of ITC ILO took the opportunity of her visit to ask her a few questions about the work priorities of the IOE and her views about ACTEMP Turin’s work.

In March, you have been appointed as the new Secretary-General of the IOE. Can you tell us more about the priorities of the IOE for the next two years?

LK: We are currently working on ensuring the focus of the IOE is in line with the IOE strategic plan and dovetails with ILO developments such as the report from the ILO DG “The Future of work”. We are placing a clear emphasis on, for example: new methods of work, Supply Chain management and Business & Human Rights. One topic that is also gaining importance is Climate Change and its impact on the world of work.

My personal priority is also making sure that the IOE organization is working in the most effective manner. So I do focus on how we collaborate as a team and how we can better use modern communication tools.

And of course we have a strong focus on our membership: What do our Member Federations and indirectly their member companies expect IOE to deliver and support them with? I also want to get more partner companies on board and involved in the work of the IOE and to grow our Global Industrial Relations Network (GIRN) and our Global Occupational Safety & Health Network (GOSH).

For the future, I believe it’s a two way street: Companies cannot influence a global agenda without having access to a very relevant international institution such as the ILO but also other global associations and institutions as well as Employer’s Organisations (EOs). IOE’s role is to offer this access. Conversely, the IOE relies on its relationship with private sector to learn from companies about their approaches to social and labour issues. Together I think we are truly stronger.

You came to Turin to participate to the Workshop on Global Industrial Relations and CSR organized by the Employers’ Programme of the ITCILO (ACTEMP Turin). How do you see the cooperation between this Programme and the IOE going forward?

LK: There is a need for capacity building! That is also our responsibility. The reality is that there is a huge difference of knowledge and experience between member federations and that’s a big challenge. So there is a need for education: a need for connecting the less informed with the more advanced on specific topics and to make sure that there is cross-training and cross-fertilisation of ideas. The ITC-ILO’s Programme for Employers’ Activities plays an important role in facilitating and giving substance to these exchanges. The courses at ITC-ILO provide a safe environment for sharing experiences as well as equip EOs with the content they need. ACTEMP Turin is certainly a value add for Employers and the IOE!

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