Attività per i datori di lavoro

Attività per i datori di lavoro

Women Empowerment Through Business Member Organizations

20 Board and Staff members of BMOs trained to be trainers on Women Economic Empowerment!

In partnership with DECP and CIPE, the Programme for Employers' Activities of the ITCILO organized a Training of Trainers on Women Economic Empowerment.

The objective of the Training of Trainers was to extend the reach of previous activities held on women entrepreneurs (see on the side panel) and build a strong network of individuals who

  • know how to empower women through BMOs structures and activities well
  • are able to adapt the content of the training to the needs of local BMOs and
  • are able to deliver training in their own national context.


The Training of Trainers included three weeks distance learning and 5 days of residential training on the ITCILO Campus in Turin from 9 to 13 November 2015. In addition participants committed themselves to organize local training workshops for BMOs' staff and members in order to further disseminate the training they benefited from.

Through the different components of the training, participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with tailor-made training content, to start adapting the content for local organisations and to practice their facilitation skills in general.

20 participants from 17 different countries (Latin America, North- South- and East-Africa, Balkan and Caucasus, South- and East-Asia, Pacific regions) could benefit from the Training of Trainers on Women Economic Empowerment in 2015 and the local impact will be monitored closely in the first months of 2016. 


When I attended the ITCILO training to empower more female entrepreneurs via BMOs, the best part of it was the opening of the mind to so many variations and used the participants of different nations. I took so much away from East Europe and African participants, which I had never heard before as most of our networking meetings have been with South Asian women. They are great, but we do similar programs. I think it is really important to mix continents because each thinks so differently but we can make it work in our countries. The facilitators enforcing what was like a Jack in Box moment for me. It was just amazing, and the facilitation allowed us the just enough guidance but to in fact have a practical experience. The best part is that I came away with an idea, a plan to present to my chamber. And honestly feel that having another session to evaluate the implementation and improve can really have a massive effect on all our economies.

Sarrah Sammoon
Policy Advocacy Committee
Women's Chamber of Industry and Commerce Sri Lanka



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