Attività per i datori di lavoro

Attività per i datori di lavoro

Young Professionals advocating for growth!

‘Advocating for Growth’ was the topic of the second training programme of the Employers Young Professionals Academy – a programme managed by the Programme for Employers’ Activities of the ITC ILO in partnership with BUSINESSEUROPE and benefiting from EU funding. 38 young professionals were present, representing 26 Employer Organisations from across Europe. They met in Turin from 29th of June to 1st of July 2015. It was the second workshop (out of three) of the Academy.

After gaining a systematic insight into advocacy and lobbying processes in April, participants experienced a 3 days “deep dive” into European economic challenges and debates on fiscal balance, competitiveness, growth and labour market reforms. The workshop aimed at reinforcing participants’ economic knowledge and at clarifying the meaning of economic concepts that are commonly used when lobbying on behalf of the private sector.

One key to effective advocacy is the use of the right facts and data: Joana Valente (BUSINESSEUROPE) and Gustavo Rinaldi (University Professor) presented international research tools and databases and also pointed out how these can be used for effective lobbying. With Fabian Zuleeg (European Policy Centre), participants got a very systematic and comprehensive update on the current economic situation in the EU and discussed the possible ways forward out of the euro crisis and towards renewed growth.

National experiences and viewpoints were also shared during the workshop, not least during a panel session with Giovanna Labartino (Confindustria) and Brendan McGinty (Stratify Consulting /former IBEC) who beautifully sketched the journey taken by their countries in the last years, the most recent structural reforms put in place and their impact notably on labour markets.

Furthermore, participants had plenty opportunities through group work, simulations etc. to put into practice what they learned and get a feel on how that relates concretely to everyday work.

 The participants will meet again in September for the final part of the Academy.


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